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Brow Kit
Brow Kit
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Brow Kit is the ultimate Brow Kit that contains all brow essentials: Brow Powder shades – easy to blend and match (Light, Medium and Dark), a Wax Cream to fix and shape, created to hold a perfect shape all day (can also be worn alone), Applicator + Brush and a built-in mirror and a step by step guide inside which explains how to use the products: Step 1: Apply the Brow Powder with the applicator or brush (pick the colour that match the natural hair colour best) Step 2: Apply the Brow Wax Cream with the brush for a perfect shape that stays in place all day Step 3: For an ideal look - use a highlighter just underneath the brow.

  • Create brows that are fuller, thicker and more defined
  • 3 different brow colours – easy to blend
  • Transparent wax that tames unruly brows and holds them in place all day
  • The wax can be worn alone or on top of Brow Pencils or Brow Powders
  • Step by step guide inside
  • Perfume and paraben free
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