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Kiss Me! Lip Balm
21. January, 2018
Luscious lips just got a whole new meaning… This sexy, full-finish color glides on like a juicy fluid yet feels emollient and rich to the senses. GOSH KISS ME! Moisturizing Lip Balm is a hybrid of true color, soft moisture and glossy finish. Slip on this highly moisturizing advanced wear gelly texture and reinvent the rules of lip color. The skins’ defense function is enhanced and moisture levels are replenished thanks to Phytosqualane that makes up a significant portion of the formula. Squalane is a natural component of lipids in human skin. Particularly dry and sensitive skins are helped to maintain the skin’s moisture content by a nature-identical oil component. The prefix “phyto” means that the squalane used is extracted from a purely plant-based source, olive oil Never before have seductive lips been so easy to achieve... instantly! Hot Lips combines the benefits of a pampering balm, full-pigment lipstick and super-shiny gloss all in one for a three-in-one intelligently tempting lip product.
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